The first Zero Hepatitis Week 2019 Campaign Kits have already been delivered to 3 of the 15 countries that are in the Campaign.

Nigeria, Kenya and Sierra Leone. On June 25th, with one month to go before the start of the biggest ever international campaign against hepatitis, the delivery of the tests has already started.

The first recipient was Kenya. Rotarian Nyapoya Mercy, who got in touch with the representatives of the campaign through the internet about a month ago, last Wednesday (25), said she had already received tests for her action in Kenya.

Soon after this, the kits were also delivered for the clubs in Nigeria and Sierra Leone ́s actions.

In Sierra Leone, Rotarian Muhammad L A Alghali, one of the ambassadors of the Campaign in Africa, commented:

“Rotary gives everyone an opportunity to serve. We, the Rotary Club of Mount Aureol, are ready to continue our service in 2019 and 2020 and we want to start with the organization of the campaign against hepatitis.

Within the next few days, more countries in Africa will be receiving their tests. The Campaign in Africa consists of 435 actions in 15 countries on the continent.